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Packed with heart-touching sentiments and action packed thrill; Homeland is an ongoing American espionage thriller produced by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. It is based on the Israeli series “Hatufim” or Prisoners of War, created by George Raff. With an impressive 8.4 on the IMDB, Its fifth season has been highly anticipated among the viewers. Aired by Showtime; Homeland first premiered in 2011. Its four seasons have received a multitude of glorious praises, awards and accolades. It is a gripping psychological and political thriller with strong characters played by veterans of the business.

The thriller stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison. She plays a CIA officer who has come to believe that an American Marine, who had previously been held captive by Al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, has now been turned by the enemy. Thus, the former marine is now a potential threat to USA’s national security. Carrie Mathison, the CIA officer is shown with the psychological disorder of bipolarity. Damian Lewis is casted as Nicholas Brody, the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Both the actors have received Best Actor/Actress awards for the drama series due to outstanding performances.

The first season broadcasts Carrie Mathison as facing a dilemma at work when she is briefed by her boss, Director of the Counterterrorism Center David Estes that a Marine has been rescued in Iraq. Carrie considers Brody a potential threat to national security but he is hailed as a national hero back home. Carry trusts her mentor, Saul Berenson and puts Brody under surveillance. Brody attempts to kill the Vice President in a suicide bomb but falters at the last moment due to his daughter Dana, while Carrie becomes more cynical by her belief that Brody is a terrorist.

The second season follows Carrie and the CIA working with Brody to capture terrorist Abu Nazir. Brody gives in to the CIA interrogation after a confessional video and is now an asset for the CIA, sending information to both sides. The events bring Brody closer to Carrie. Brody silently kills the Vice President while the CIA tracks down Nazir and kills him. Seemingly free of being Nazir’s man, Brody celebrates with Carrie at the CIA headquarters and both survive an explosion that kills Director Estes and many others.

Third season is packed with more action but takes on a comparatively leaner and smarter outlook. Brody is seen first hiding away in caracas, Venezuela. Carrie’s life takes different turns in this season as she helps Brody escape and gives birth to a child.
Fourth season sees Carrie as CIA Chief Station in Kabul, Afghanistan. Carrie’s struggles, both emotionally and professionally as she has to administer iron measures due to Pakistani terrorist groups and activists like Hussein Haqqani. There are changes inside the CIA and the characters are seen struggling in pursuit of a regulated security in the States.

The fifth season sets two years after the last season and is set in Germany, where Carrie is no longer an intelligence officer instead is working for a private security firm.

The TV series is packed with action and is bound to provide the entertainment that a good thriller must contain. An excellent plot and grip of actors has earned it the top slot in running shows.

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